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  1. Philips BEARDTRIMMER Series 5000

    Philips Beardtrimmer series 5000, black Even trimming in a single stroke Philips BT5200 provides efficient trimming with a smooth and accurate result. This is thanks to th...

    Varenr: 8710103718628

    inkl. mva NOK 741,00
  2. Luftfilter for VAC-001, udløb HEPA, hvid, NORDIC HOME CULTURE

    NORDIC HOME CULTURE luftfilter til VAC-001, Outlet HEPA, hvid Ekstra outlet HEPA luftfilter til Nordic Home Culture VAC-001 støvsuger. Mål (BxDxH): 170 x 20 x 95 mm Vægt...

    Varenr: 7333048032287

    inkl. mva NOK 62,00
  3. inkl. mva NOK 64,50
  4. Bissell Water Filter PowerFresh - 2113N

    Bissell PowerFresh water filter Replacement part for the PowerFresh steam cleaner. PowerFresh's water purification system removes harsh minerals and ions from tap water.

    Varenr: BISS10036

    inkl. mva NOK 145,00
  5. Bissell Mop Pads Steam Mop Select - 23V8N

    Bissell replacement mop pads for steam mop Select 23V8N Designed for use with BISSELL's Steam Mop Select. The microfiber pads safely clean all hard surfaces and are machin...

    Varenr: 0011120167894

    inkl. mva NOK 218,00
  6. Bissell Vandfilter til Vac og damp, 1977N, blå

    Bissell Vand filter til Vac and Steam, 1977N, blå For at få de bedste resultater med din damprenser, er det vigtigt at sørge for, at filteret er i god stand. BISSELL'...

    Varenr: BISS10044

    inkl. mva NOK 145,00
  7. Kasa Smart Light Bulb, Dimmable

    TP-LINK Kasa Smart Dæmpbar LED-pære, stemmestyring, Klasse A+, hvid Kasa Smart’s dæmpbare pære har et dæmpningsområde fra 1% til 100%. Indstil den rigtig lysstyrke til enhve...

    Varenr: 6935364084721

    inkl. mva NOK 397,00
  8. Kasa Smart Light Bulb, Multicolor

    TP-LINK Kasa Smart Multicolor LED-pære, stemmestyring, Klasse A+, hvid Med en bred vifte af farver og dæmpningsfunktioner tilbyder Kasa Smart's flerfarvede pære uendelig...

    Varenr: 6935364084745

    inkl. mva NOK 789,00
  9. Mi Electric Toothbrush head (Gum Care)

    Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush Head, 3-pack, Gum Care, white/blue • Double pointed slender soft bristless to protect sensitive gums. • Soft rubber-wrapped brush head t...

    Varenr: DEL3005871

    inkl. mva NOK 206,00
  10. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Jimmy JV63 Handheld cordless stick vacuum cleaner, 60 Mins run time, blue Jimmy JV63 er en håndholdt trådløs støvsuger med 60 min. driftstid. Den fås i farven blå.

    Varenr: JV63

    inkl. mva NOK 2 929,00
  11. Technaxx Mini massager LX-025 black

    Lifenaxx Mini massager, black/silver The LifenaXX LX-025 is a wireless vibration massage device. It reduces muscle ache, improves blood circulation, relaxes the muscles an...

    Varenr: 4260358128153

    inkl. mva NOK 825,00
  12. Roborock S6 pure black

    Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner S6 Pure - Black A high-precision 300-rpm laser navigation system maps every room in your home in real time, and advanced mapping system...

    Varenr: 6970995781410

    inkl. mva NOK 7 095,00
  13. Roborock E4

    Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner E4 Every movement it makes is precisely monitored by a series of precision sensors. Combined with an internal map of walls and obstacles i...

    Varenr: DEL3004566

    inkl. mva NOK 3 915,00
  14. Camry CR 4071 Blender personal - POWERFUL NUTRI

    Camry Premium CR 4071 Nutri Pro Professional - Blender - 1700 W Camry Nutri Pro Professional blender CR 4071 is a perfect choice for all those who start the day with a health...

    Varenr: 5908256839427

    inkl. mva NOK 968,00
  15. Camry CR 3024Black/Silver,730W

    Camry CR 3024 Sandwich maker 3 in 1, black/silver A hot sandwich for breakfast? Grilled vegetables as a side dish for dinner? Or maybe sweet waffles for dessert? Thanks to th...

    Varenr: 5908256834880

    inkl. mva NOK 493,00
  16. Xiaomi 2-i-1 Vacum cleaner Dreame V11

    Dreame V11 - Vacuum cleaner - stick/handheld (2-in-1) - bagless - cordless.

    Varenr: 6972086390273

    inkl. mva NOK 5 515,00
  17. REFURBISHED Ninebot Mini black

    Refurbished Mi Ninebot S - Self-balancing scooter - 16 km/h - black - 3 months warranty.

    Varenr: DEL3009027

    inkl. mva NOK 2 775,00
  18. SMEG Table 800W blender black

    Smeg 50's Style BLF01SVEU - Blender - 1.5 litres - 800 W - silver.

    Varenr: 8017709197216

    inkl. mva NOK 3 897,00
  19. SMEG Toaster 2 slices silver

    Smeg 50's Style TSF01SSEU - Toaster - 2 slice - 2 Slots - chrome.

    Varenr: 8017709189136

    inkl. mva NOK 3 059,00
  20. KitchenAid Toaster Classic

    KitchenAid Toaster Classic.

    Varenr: 5413184400453

    inkl. mva NOK 1 340,00
  21. SMEG Toaster 2 slices Union Jack blue/red

    Smeg 50's Style TSF01UJEU - Toaster - 2 slice - 2 Slots - union jack.

    Varenr: 8017709265915

    inkl. mva NOK 3 347,00
  22. SMEG Coffee grinder pastel blue

    SMEG Coffee Grinder 50's Style CGF01PBEU Depending on the function selected and the desired use, the coffee can either be ground in the special Tritan™ container provided o...

    Varenr: 8017709283025

    inkl. mva NOK 3 880,00
  23. inkl. mva NOK 2 364,00
  24. KitchenAid Chopper 0,83 L 240 W black

    KitchenAid Chopper 0,83 L 240 W black.

    Varenr: 5413184000783

    inkl. mva NOK 1 141,00
  25. SMEG Drip coffee maker 10 cups light blue

    Smeg 50's Style DCF02PBEU - Coffee maker - 10 cups - pastel blue.

    Varenr: 8017709280529

    inkl. mva NOK 3 184,00
  26. Technaxx TX-116 Boroscope camera, 1m flexible camera, 2.3" TFT screen,

    Technaxx TX-116 Boroscope camera, 1m flexible camera, 2.3" TFT screen, LED, black Waterproof mini boroscope camera for exploration and measurement of hard-to-reach, narrow an...

    Varenr: TECH-158

    inkl. mva NOK 1 016,00
  27. inolight CL6 Compact Arc lighter, Micro-USB, high heat with no flame,

    inolight CL6 Compact Arc-lighter, Micro-USB, høj varme uden flamme, vind og stormsikker, sort. Inolight CL6 er en kompakt topmoderne bue bar lighter med mange unikke funktioner.

    Varenr: 4024035555607

    inkl. mva NOK 302,00
  28. Roidmi F8 wireless vacuum cleaner

    Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner, 55 min battery, powerful engine, 1.5 kg, white With the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner Roidmi F8, your cleaning wil...

    Varenr: 6970019141107

    inkl. mva NOK 5 105,00
  29. Xiaomi Projektor Mi Laser Projector 150

    Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV, 4K HDR, DTS2 + / Dolby Digital Plus, Google Assistant, Black Mi Box S turns your TV or screen into a full-fledged Android TV with support for 4K u...

    Varenr: DEL3005093

    inkl. mva NOK 26 308,00
  30. Mi Smart Scale 2

    Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2, white Weigh yourself, your groceries and your suitcase with the new Mi Smart Scale 2. The scale provides you with high-accuracy values and a realisti...

    Varenr: DEL3006093

    inkl. mva NOK 257,00
  31. Lifenaxx Muscle massager LX-012

    Lifenaxx Muscle massager LX-012, 3 speed levels, 4 massage heads, silver The LifenaXX LX-012 is a wireless vibration massage device. It reduces pain in the muscles, improve...

    Varenr: 4260358128023

    inkl. mva NOK 1 417,00
  32. XIAOMI Mi bærbar luftpumpe, sort

    Xiaomi Mi Home luftpumpe, bærbar, sort Lille, bærbar og multifunktionel digital luftpumpe, kompatibel med en varietet af dyser. Luftpumpen oplades med det medfølgend...

    Varenr: 6934177707810

    inkl. mva NOK 766,00
  33. XIAOMI 22024 Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer

    Xiaomi Hair Dryer Mi - 1800 WXiaomi Hair Dryer Mi - 1800 W.

    Varenr: 6934177707667

    inkl. mva NOK 699,00
  34. XIAOMI Mi robotstøvsuger - App-kontrolleret

    Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro Svart Kraftfull och mångsidig robotdammsugare Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro är en avancerad robotdammsugare med laserteknik som även kan moppa dit...

    Varenr: 6934177715556

    inkl. mva NOK 5 566,00
  35. Mi Smart Compact Projector

    Xiaomi MI Smart Compact - DLP projector - portable - 500 lumens - Full HD (1920 x 1080) - 16:9 - 1080p - Wi-Fi / Bluetooth - grey.

    Varenr: DEL3005862

    inkl. mva NOK 8 663,00
  36. Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P (Black)

    Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro, black The new Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro has more suction power, a new developed laser function, a smarter algorithm, larger dust containers an...

    Varenr: DEL3005865

    inkl. mva NOK 5 926,00
  37. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Jimmy JV83 Handheld wireless vacuum cleaner, 60 Mins run time, blue Jimmy JV83 er en håndholdt trådløs støvsuger med 60 min. driftstid. Den fås i farven blå. Jimmy har e...

    Varenr: JV83

    inkl. mva NOK 3 067,00
  38. Lenovo Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner T1 gold

    Lenovo Vacuum Cleaner T1 Vacuum Cleaner T1, Laser Navigation, Automatic recharge, HEPA filter, 5200mah.

    Varenr: 6941192218702

    inkl. mva NOK 5 862,00
  39. Technaxx Technaxx USB-Air-Purifier TX-131+

    Technaxx USB-Air-Purifier TX-131+, 2 speed levels, max ~35dB, HEPA filter, black Air-Ionizer with Ultraviolet light and HEPA filter, ultraviolet light and negative ion...

    Varenr: 4260358124438

    inkl. mva NOK 677,00
  40. Roborock S50 Robotic Cleaner white

    Xiaomi Roborock S50 Robot vacuum cleaner, 3 hours, LDS, App, white Men and stylish design, it can easily fit under most furniture so you slippers. Low noise during vacuumin...

    Varenr: DEL3005053

    inkl. mva NOK 8 232,00
  41. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro EU, White

    Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro, white Mi Air Purifier Pro is a powerful and quiet air purifier that cleans your room in just 10 minutes. Equipped with a high-performanc...

    Varenr: 6970244526649

    inkl. mva NOK 3 506,00