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  1. KODAK 9LED Flashlight black incl. 3xAAA

    Kodak compact 9-LED flashlight, 46 lm, IP63, 25m range, black Kodak's compact 9-LED flashlight provides a brilliant light with a simple structure. Its compact structure wil...

    Varenr: KDK-100

    inkl. mva NOK 56,50
  2. KODAK LED Headlamp 300lm incl.3xAAA

    Kodak LED Headlamp, 300lm, 3 modes, 5W single LED, black Designed for hands-free lighting and convenience of use. Our single LED Head Lamp offers three modes of lighting...

    Varenr: KDK-106

    inkl. mva NOK 128,00
  3. Maxell UV LED flashlight, IP44, aluminum, blue

    Maxell UV LED flashlight, IP44, aluminum, powered by 2 x AA batteries, blue LED flashlight with UV light can be used for many different purposes, e.g. to detect dirt or t...

    Varenr: 4902580772741

    inkl. mva NOK 170,00
  4. KODAK LED Focus 157 incl. 3xAAA

    Kodak LED Focus Range, 60lm, 3 flashlight modes, zoom ring, black The big brother of the versatile KODAK LED Focus range. Lightweight and more powerful, this flashlight stil...

    Varenr: KDK-104

    inkl. mva NOK 91,00
  5. KODAK LED Ultra 165 incl. 2xD

    Kodak LED Ultra 165, 165lm, IP64, 300m range, dark grey The KODAK LED Ultra 165 is a real beast of a flashlight. It has a strong aluminium body offering an amazing 3w...

    Varenr: KDK-110

    inkl. mva NOK 373,00
  6. KODAK LED Bike Lights incl.2xCR2032

    Kodak LED Bike Lights, weatherproof, 13000mcd, red/white The Kodak led bike lights are a good way to cycle safely. They offer super bright light with three light modes...

    Varenr: KDK-102

    inkl. mva NOK 91,00
  7. Kodak LED Headlamp, 150lm, 3 modes, 3W single LED, IP44, black

    Kodak LED Headlamp, 150lm, 3 modes(Normal, Eco and blink), 3W single LED, IP44, black Designed for hands-free lighting and convenience of use. Our single LED Head Lamp offer...

    Varenr: KDK-105

    inkl. mva NOK 94,50
  8. KODAK LED Active 10 incl. 2xCR2032

    Kodak LED Flashlight Active 10, 10 lm, weatherproof, 2 light modes, black The KODAK LED Flashlight Active 10 is designed for those who want extra visibility, specifically i...

    Varenr: KDK-101

    inkl. mva NOK 87,00
  9. KODAK 20LED Lantern 125lm excl.3xD

    Kodak LED Lantern, 88lm, weatherproof, black KODAK 20 LED Lantern is easy to carry with 360-degree illumination. Delivers 100 lumens of great brightness. It has a rotar...

    Varenr: KDK-107

    inkl. mva NOK 166,00
  10. KODAK LED Focus 120 incl. 3xAAA

    KODAK LED Focus 120, flashlight, 30lm, 3 flashlight modes, black Their most versatile flashlight yet. Lightweight and compact with an even spread of light which can be zoome...

    Varenr: KDK-103

    inkl. mva NOK 71,00
  11. Kodak LED Flashlight Ultra 290

    Kodak ultra 290 flashlight, 290 lumen, black The KODAK Ultra 290 is a best in class flashlight with an aluminium body. It produces 290 Lumens offering you amazing brightness...

    Varenr: 0887930418361

    inkl. mva NOK 189,00
  12. Kodak 1-LED Pen Flashlight + 1AA SHD

    Kodak LED pen flashlight, 20 lumens, black A compact flashlight with 1 LED diode that gives a clear and sharp light. The compact format makes the lamp easy to carry and fit...

    Varenr: 0887930419207

    inkl. mva NOK 49,75