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  1. Shelly Infälld strömbrytare, 1 kanal, kompakt, WiFi, Shelly 1

    Shelly 1 Recessed WiFi switch, 1 channel, compact, blue The most intelligent device you can have. We developed Shelly 1 with an integrated WEB interface for device managemen...

    Varenr: 3809511201862

    inkl. mva NOK 291,00
  2. inkl. mva NOK 551,00
  3. Shelly Infälld dimmer, 1 kanal, kompakt, WiFi, Shelly Dimmer 2

    Shelly Dimmer2 Recessed WiFi dimmer, 1 channel, compact, green/blue Shelly Dimmer2 - Dimming without a neutral line. We developed Shelly Dimmer 2 to be able to cover al...

    Varenr: 3809511202203

    inkl. mva NOK 557,00
  4. Shelly Termometer och luftfuktighet, Vit, WiFi, Shelly H&T

    Shelly H&T Wireless thermometer and hygrometer, white Shelly H&T Shelly H&T helps with monitoring changes in humidity and temperature while avoiding dryness and keepin...

    Varenr: 3809511202593

    inkl. mva NOK 560,00
  5. Shelly Infälld sändare, 3 kanaler, WiFi, Shelly i3

    Shelly i3 Recessed WiFi transmitter, 3 channels, orange Shelly i3 Shelly i3 has no relays but is small enough to be installed virtually anywhere and shows the status of...

    Varenr: 3809511201831

    inkl. mva NOK 297,00
  6. Shelly Förbikopplingsmodul, Shelly Bypass

    Shelly Bypass, black Compatible with Shelly 1L, Shelly Dimmer 2. Dimensions: 39 x 23 x 7 mm.

    Varenr: 3800235266113

    inkl. mva NOK 69,50
  7. Shelly Smart LED kontroller, 4 kanaler, WiFi, Shelly RGBW2 LED

    Shelly RGBW2, WiFi-operated RGBW controller, yellow/blue Shelly RGBW2 Make your LED strips smart in one easy step. Shelly RGBW2 can connect like any LED controller and allow...

    Varenr: 3809511201961

    inkl. mva NOK 532,00
  8. Shelly Infälld strömbrytare, ingen nolla, 1 kanal, kompakt, WiFi

    Shelly 1L Recessed WiFi switch, 1-channel, compact, blue No electrical wiring changes needed Shelly 1L can convert any existing wall switch into a smart switch.

    Varenr: 3800235262450

    inkl. mva NOK 376,00
  9. Effektmätare 3-faser med styrning av kontaktor

    Shelly 3EM WiFi-operated 3 phase energy meter and contactor control The professional 3-phase energy meter. Shelly 3EM can calculate 2-way consumption: produced and use...

    Varenr: 3809511202111

    inkl. mva NOK 2 146,00
  10. Shelly Liten fjärrströmbrytare (plugg), energimätning, WiFi

    Shelly Plug S, compact WiFi remote switch with energy measurement, white Shelly Plug S - The smallest Wi-Fi smart plug with power мetering Shelly Plug S automaticall...

    Varenr: 3809511201978

    inkl. mva NOK 504,00